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LEADERSHIP COACHING is a process of self-discovery and transformation. A coach helps you perform sustainably at the highest levels by helping you skillfully manage your physical, emotional and spiritual energy while developing actionable strategies to help you set, plan and achieve your personal and business goals.

Reneé works one-on-one with executives and leaders helping them:

  • Set, plan and achieve their goals by providing an opportunity to WORK ON their business and life plan
  • Create measureable results­­
  • Engage in conversations that they would otherwise not hold with anyone else
  • Develop exceptional leadership skills
  • Create a culture of integrity and accountability
  • Unlock true potential


RENEÉ ERLICH is an entrepreneur and founder of two multi-million dollar businesses. In 2011, Reneé launched Prosperi Leadership Coaching, an Executive Coaching Practice working one on one with successful leaders helping them define, plan and achieve their goals.

Prior to Prosperi, Reneé founded Girlfriend Consulting and Coaching, a company committed to helping organizations understand and strengthen their corporate cultures. Prior to that, Reneé built two event firms: Star Trax: an event entertainment, product and audio visual firm and pulse220: a corporate event, meeting planning and experiential marketing firm working with Fortune 500 companies.

Reneé is one of Crain’s Detroit Business’s “40 Under 40” award recipients. She served as the first woman on the board of the Detroit chapter of EO, the Entrepreneurs Organization. Reneé is extremely active in a variety of community boards and committees. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and the International Coaching Academy.

Most importantly, Reneé is on a mission to help others envision and achieve their dreams.







Who in your life has inspired you? I ask this for one reason... because those who have made an impact on your past can help frame your future. My personal story of inspiration is:

I was a very shy child who struggled in school. One day, my 6th grade Spanish teacher asked me to join her musical production called Foreign Festival. She assigned me a role in the Tuba song. Another classmate would play the tuba, and I would sing solo in front of a live audience. She was determined to show me what I didn’t see in myself. Soon after, she recommended I try out for cheerleading. This was ambitious and daunting for a shy child like me. But she encouraged me, believed in me and inspired me.

I became that cheerleader. I cheered throughout high school, became captain of my teams, gained confidence, leadership skills and continue to cheer on my colleagues, teammates, community and family every day.

This is my story of gratitude and inspiration.

My 6th grade Spanish teacher continues to inspire me every day... Her name is Mrs. Prosperi.



I have had the privilege of having Reneé be my executive coach for the last couple of years. Reneé has a great ability to make you “look into the mirror” and objectively see how you may be perceived as a leader. She helps you decide how you want to lead and then supports you in setting daily reminders and goals coupled with education to achieve your objectives. I am a better professional, leader and person because of Reneé’s guidance and feedback.
Mark Meyers
Vice President, Global
Over the past 2-3 years, our business has transformed from a small niche healthcare company into one of the largest, fastest growing specialty care providers in the country.  Reneé Erlich has been with us every step of the way, coaching, inspiring, problem solving, and making vital connections to fuel our growth and provide perspective.  She has helped individuals at multiple levels of our organization, from the C-suite down to divisional leaders.  I would highly recommend her to any entrepreneur or business leader looking to get the most out of themselves and their teams.
Scott Barry
Reneé has a unique ability to help others change the lens in which they see their challenges and opportunities. The results of her work at Agree Realty, which spanned multiple levels of leadership, helped our organization break through barriers, improve communication, drive to clarity and stay focused on our goals. I would highly recommend Reneé to anyone who is driven and prepared to take their leadership and communication skills to the next level.
Joey Agree
Reneé Erlich is simply a rock-star executive coach. She’s been a successful entrepreneur and business leader herself, which gives her the experience and understanding to help executives achieve peak performance. She is empathetic, filled with energy and ideas, and can be just the extra bolt of lighting your organization needs to reach the next level. I’ve seen first hand the impact she’s made with our portfolio company leaders, and as a result… I HIGHLY recommend her.
Josh Linkner
Speaker, Author, VC and Entrepreneur
Having Reneé Erlich as an executive coach has enormously impacted and improved my life both professionally and personally. Reneé knows just how to push me to find the solution that I am looking for without telling me what to do. While her business experience and acumen qualifies her for the role of coach, it’s her keen sense to see between the lines that makes her a MUST for any executive or leader. With the highest recommendation I urge others to work with Reneé. Once you start with her program you will never look at your business or life the same way.
Jody Lipton
Owner & Partner, Lipton Law

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